June 20 2012.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has published, on its website at www.direct.gov.uk, a list of motorcycles suitable for use when taking a riding test under the third Driving Licence Directive 93DLD).

Training schools and trainers and indeed anyone applying to take a riding test from 19 January 2012, need to know the new rules for mopeds and motorcycles that can be used.

The Directgov website has been updated to give information on:
• what mopeds and motorcycles can be used for riding tests from 19 January 2013
• what proof the DSA will look for to make sure the machines meet the new rules
• what happens if candidates have passed module 1 but not module 2 by 19 January 2013
• a list of machines that are known to meet the new rules for A2 and A tests

More machines can be added to the list if there's enough proof to show they meet the new rules. This should be either a certificate or on headed paper from an official source such as the manufacturer, the main dealer or an official importer.

The current list of appropriate machines can be found at: CLICK HERE.