September 20 2012.

Elegantly simple, the new BC Easy 6 Automatic 12V Charger from trade parts specialist WMD requires no user input whatsoever. There are no dials or options to fiddle with. Just plug it in, connect it to the battery and it will charge and maintain any lead acid battery, be it conventional, maintenance free, Gel, AGM or VRLA.

Clearly labelled LEDs on the top of the charger allow the user to see which of the BC Easy 6's six charging cycles is currently running, or if there have been any errors.

These six charging cycles are fully automatic, utilising the BC Easy 6's sophisticated microprocessor:

Cycle 1. Initialization: Checks the battery state and if it is ok to be recharged.

Cycle 2. Soft Charge: A light, pulsing current to overcome significant undercharge.

Cycle 3. Bulk Charge: Provides full current to recover 85-90% of battery capacity.

Cycle 4. Desulphation: A 'controlled overcharge' to recover the remaining 10-15% of charge lost to lead-sulphate crystallisation.

Cycle 5. Battery Analysis and End Cycle Test: Checks that the battery can retain charge.

Cycle 6. Maintenance: Provides the appropriate charge to keep the battery in the best charge condition for as long as connected - even months.

While the BC Easy 6 may not have all the bells and whistles of the top-spec chargers in the BC range, it does have all the essentials. As with all BC chargers, the BC Easy 6 has safeguards against short circuit, reverse polarity, overheating or overcharging. A set of insulated clamps and permanent waterproof connectors are included in every box. The BC Easy 6 can be wall mounted for the more compact workshop or garage.

The BC Easy 6 package retails at just £37.49 including VAT and includes: The BC Easy 6 12V charger with either a UK or European mains plug, a cable with insulated clamps and a waterproof permanent cable with eyelets.

WMD trade terms apply.

The BC Easy 6 is available now from:
Tel: 01273 595746.