July 3 2012.

- Unisex range of performance base layers for rider comfort this summer

- Wicks moisture away from the body keeping the rider cooler and drier

- Fitted style prevents excessive muscle movement - minimising amount of energy wasted

- Stops chafing and makes putting on leather riding kit easier

- Available in one-piece or individually top and bottoms

- Visually striking packaging to help the brand / product stand out on in store

- From £26.95 

Spada has introduced a unisex range of technical base layers to help keep riders cooler and in the saddle longer with its Performance Skins.

The British designed and developed motorcycle clothing brand that prides itself on offering style and value, knows that riders will want to enjoy the warm weather and dry roads for as long as possible this summer and Performance Skins can help do that.

Though close-fitting clothing, warm weather and hot motorcycles don't seem like a good combination, the polyester and Elastane fabric composition of Performance Skins wicks moisture away from the body to help keep skin cool and dry, while the fitted style prevents excessive muscle movement, minimalising wasted energy.

As well as cooling, the flat stitched seams and close fit of Performance Skins offer other rider comfort benefits, such as reducing chafing and making it easier to get in and out of riding kit - particularly one-piece leathers.

Available in either one-piece (£41.95) or individually as trousers (£26.95), long sleeve (£31.95) or short sleeve (£26.95) top options, the Performance Skins are a unisex fit in sizes S-XXXXL

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