July 5 2012.

Department for Transport statistics for motorcycle tests in 2011/12 released today revealed that:
- Module 1 motorcycle test passes show a similar age pattern to that of cars, with the highest pass rate being 17-year old males and the pass rate generally decreasing with age. Males aged 17 had a 79 per cent pass rate in Module 1 tests in 2011/12; this is considerably higher than the corresponding 58 per cent pass rate for 17-year old females. However, it should be noted that around seventeen 17 and 18-year old males undertook a Module 1 test for every similarly aged

- Module 2 motorcycle pass rates appear less related to age than Module 1 pass rates. In 2011/12, 17-year olds had a pass rate of 63 per cent. The pass rate was slightly lower for 18-year olds before rising to 65 to 66 per cent for 19 and 20-year olds and remaining between 68 to 71 per cent for candidates in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

- Unlike cars tests, candidates undertaking both the Module 1 and Module 2 test are less likely to be aged 17 or 18. In 2011/12, around 12 per cent of Module candidates were under 21, with over 20 per cent of them being aged between 21 and 25, nearly 17 per cent being aged between 26 and 30, and 37 per cent being aged between 36 and 60. A similar pattern is seen with the Module 2 tests in 2011/12.