July 6 2012.

The Geomax MX range has already proved to be successful, winning events such as the MX of Nations and the British MX1 title, to name but two. To fully compliment the range and toprovide a product to match the rear, Dunlop has recently introduced the MX11F front tyre. Developed to be used in conjunction with the MX11 rear, it utilises a new innovative tread pattern unlike conventional designs.

The block design is derived from clever cross-shaped blocks which have a smaller leading edge than conventional patterns, thus reducing the tendency towards twitchiness on undulating terrain. The best example of this is when crossing ruts or whoops (bearing in mind sand is quickly rutted), since the MX11F maintains its stability and sharpness throughout. The MX11F ,is designed to hook-up and bite in soft sandy terrain without sinking in, and yet provide accurate steering and feeling for the rider.

Not only does the MX11F excel in sand, it also performs well on soft terrain when braking into a tight turn. The soft compound used is aided and supported by Geomax radius-based tread blocks to provide positive, accurate steering input. Combined with a lower land/sea ratio than the MX51 this new front tyre can really generate grip in soft sandy conditions.

Available now in 80/100-21 ready to compliment the 110/90-19 MX11 rear.

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