July 12 2012.

Designed to meet the highest expectations in terms of grip, handling dynamics, stability and feel, Continental has announced the new 'ContiRoadAttack 2 CR' radial classic race tyres for 18-inch wheels. With first, second and fourth places at the recent 2012 Bikers' Classics 4 Hours of Spa, the new tyre already has a proven race pedigree.

Working hand-in-hand with many leading teams, including Phase One Endurance, Continental engineers have been developing the new ContiRoadAttack 2 CR over the past 18 months. The resulting tyre features many of Conti's new technologies originally developed for its 17-inch race and road tyres, including Continuous Compound, Black Chili and Traction Skin.

A development of Continental's Black Chili tread compound is utilised throughout the range. The high structured carbon black compound shortens warm-up time and gives improved dynamic stiffness at high temperatures for reduced tread block edge roll-over. This leads to improved feel at big lean angles. New grip resins give improved macro and micro interlocking of the compound with the track surface for better braking feel and reduced braking distance.

Also featuring Conti's Continuous Compound Technology, (CCT), the compound undergoes complex, carefully controlled temperature differences across its width during curing. The single compound then takes on the performance properties of a dual-compound tyre, with a stiffer tread centre for increased durability and better acceleration and braking traction, and more flexible tread shoulders for increased side grip during hard cornering. Another advantage of CCT is that it eliminates the step change sometimes associated with dual-compound tyres when moving from one compound to the other that is, giving the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR a more continuous transition feel.

The zero-degree steel belt construction eliminates dynamic growth at speed, leading to good high-speed stability characteristics. The 'CR' versions of the rear tyre also feature a lightweight racing polyester carcass that provides better feedback and lower, more controlled operating temperatures.

New front and rear profiles offer light handling with transparent feedback during hard braking and maximum contact patch size during cornering and initial acceleration out of turns.

Continental's unique Traction Skin is also used on the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR. This is a micro-rough texture of the tread surface of the new tyre that optimises mechanical adhesion and safety and minimises the scrubbing-in process. Traction Skin technology is a result of a new mould coating technology that eliminates the need for tyre release agents.

Continental Motorcycle Brand Manager, Graham Matcham said: "You might ask why now? But with Continental's recent sport-touring, hypersport and race tyre launches receiving such good acceptance by media and consumers alike, it was time to look at other areas where our new technologies could be applied successfully. With the growth of classic racing across the world, there was an ideal opportunity to apply these technologies to the field of 18-inch racing tyres. And with excellent results already under its belt we have great expectations for the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR."

The range:

The CR suffix on two of the rear sizes indicates use of Conti's Endurance compound, used with great success on the 17-inch ContiRaceAttack Comp tyre series, providing even more grip. They also feature a lightweight racing polyester carcass.

Although all sizes are road legal, some are designed just for racing. The chart above shows suitability.

The new ContiRoadAttack 2 CR will be available from July 2012.

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