September 1 2006.

Micron has announced a range of race inspired products for Kawasaki's new flagship machine, the ZZR1400.
The Derbyshire-based exhaust specialist now offers a full Serpent Hydratech race system for the ZZR1400, optimising space constraints, pipe diameter and gas flow. Offering not only a substantial increase in power throughout the rev range, with a top end increase of 10bhp, it also benefits from a massive weight saving of 12.6kg.
The Serpent system is constructed from lightweight stainless steel and retails at £499.99 inc VAT. It is also offered with a 100% titanium Ultralite silencer at an RRP of £309.99 inc VAT.
Also available from Micron are pairs of lightweight slip-on Beta race silencers which give an increase in power and a substantial weight saving of at least 6.27kg* over the standard equipment. Available in stainless, carbon fibre or titanium options, the silencers start at an RRP of £399.98 per pair inc VAT.
*Weight saving varies dependent on option
Micron Stainless 6.53kg (saving of 6.27kg)
Micron Carbon Fibre 4.58kg (saving of 8.22kg)
Micron Titanium 4.14kg (saving of 8.66kg)
These products are not road legal and intended for track use only
Serpent Pipework
Part No - HYDK65
UK Price (inc VAT) - £499.99
Ultralite Race Silencer
Part No - MRZT/K65
UK Price (inc VAT) - £309.99
Beta Race Stainless
Part No - PCK65/O
UK Price (inc VAT) - £399.98 per pair
Beta Race Carbon
Part No - CCK65/O
UK Price (inc VAT) - £549.98 per pair
Beta Race Carbon Racing Red
Part No - CCK65/O-Red
UK Price (inc VAT) - £549.98 per pair
Beta Race Carbon Pacific Blue
Part No - CCK65/O-Blue
UK Price (inc VAT) - £549.98 per pair
Beta Race Titanium
Part No - CTK65/O
UK Price (inc VAT) - £549.98 per pair
Beta Race Titanium Coloured Option
Part No - CTK65/O-Col
UK Price (inc VAT) - £599.98 per pair
For further information contact:
Micron - +44 (0)1773 876333