July 20 2012.

AcuTrac has put together what is possibly the best value bike security bundle available. For a limited period, dealers ordering an AcuTrac Locator Alarm! Tracker will get an Acumen Cat 3.1 alarm - worth over £100 - completely free.
The AcuTrac Locator Alarm! Tracker is already great value, retailing at £375 including a 3 year fee-free contract. It was developed specifically for those customers who wanted their alarm to trigger the tracking device in the event of a theft. By combining the Acumen alarm with the AcuTrac tracker, customers get a text alert that the alarm has reacted to an attempted theft and shortly after, a second text giving a GPS location which will also give speed and direction.

Both of these units have impressive specifications; the tracker allows users to fix their own secure area (geofence) around their bike as well as to set up GPS positions at intervals they choose. It's all controlled via a secure, password protected web panel where additional recipients of alerts can also be specified.

The Acumen Cat 3.1 alarm has features usually only found on expensive Thatcham approved units: auto arming, movement and programmable nudge sensors, hotwire and forced ignition sensor and all at a class leading low current draw. The unit and transmitter are also waterproof as you would expect and it is simple to fit.

So now, for less than the price of some competitive tracking devices, riders can get double security; a great deal to offer to your customers.

Contact AcuTrac on 01264 310007 to take advantage of this great deal whilst stocks last.