October 24 2012.

Trade parts specialist WMD now offers an extensive range of premium quality lubricants and care products from Swiss specialist Motorex.

Motorex works closely with leading race teams and manufacturers such as Honda, KTM and Gas-Gas to develop a range of the best high-tech products for race, off-road, commuter and leisure riders alike.

The full range of Motorex products now stocked at WMD includes 2 stroke and 4 stroke lubricants for every type of race, road, competition and commuter machine, plus fork oils, gear oil, chain lubricant, cleaning and maintenance products.

Retail price examples including VAT:
Motorex Motorcycle 4T SAE (10/40, 15/50) Lubricant (1 Litre): £7.46
Motorex Cross Power Fully Synthetic 4T (5w/40, 10w/50) Lubricant (1 Litre): £15.59

Motorex Racing Fork Oil (2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W) (1 Litre): £12.85

Motorex Chain Lube Road (500ml): £10.96
Motorex Chain Lube Off-Road (500ml): £10.96

Motorex Carburettor Clean (500ml): £9.95
Motorex Air Filter Oil Spray (750ml): £13.04
Motorex Protec & Shine (500ml): £9.73

For the full range of prices and details plus WMD trade terms contact:

Tel: 01273 595746.