August 8 2012.

Dunlop Motorsport recently completed a successful two-day test to push developments for next year's Moto2 tyres at the Goodyear Dunlop owned Mireval facility in the south of France.

Dunlop invited all Moto2 chassis manufacturers to participate with concepts of future tyre specifications on hand. Riders Dominique Aegerter and Alex De Angelis evaluated new front and rear specifications with construction, profile and compounds under consideration. Both riders provided valuable feedback to assist the development process, reporting themselves to have enjoyed riding the circuit, finding it both fun and challenging at the same time, as they completed over 400 laps.

Stephen Bickley, Dunlop Motorsport, Senior Race Engineer - Motorcycle: "The two days of testing could have not gone more to plan. The test was not about finding ultimate lap time - although lap time and high performance is taken into consideration - but more to find development directions for the future, to understand new concepts and build a structure for the next test which planned later in the year. The weather was hot with both days 32C ambient and 45C track peak, which certainly helped us, and gave our UK engineers some respite from the recent wet weather at home!
"We have identified three evolutions which showed strong potential and will be taken through to the final development phase later this year: a new front tyre concept, a new rear tyre construction and an improved compound process.
"The new front concept is showing extremely strong results. The new rear construction went through its second test and is showing huge potential, such that it will now be refined and assess from a manufacturing perspective. Finally, the new techniques to our compounding processes have seen a measurable improvement through a lift in both quality and performance so they can certainly been deemed a success."