August 21 2012.

 Laser Tools new motorcycle range is constantly expanding and recent additions include this versatile collection of service tools that will leave you thinking 'How did I ever do without these?

The oil filter wrench (part number 5506) is the common Japanese fitment of 66mm with 14 points. Manufactured from aluminium alloy for strength and lightness, it enables quick oil filter removal using either a 20mm spanner or socket, or with a 3/8" drive ratchet. Recommended price: £31.99.

The carburettor jet cleaning set (part number 5508) is a must-have for motorcycles pre 2005. The clever design incorporates 20 sizes of jet cleaner probe from .45mm to 1.5mm. It folds up making it easy to carry and store. Recommended price: £9.99.

Have you struggled to remove the large slotted screw that secures - for example - alternator and flywheels covers? Trying to use a large screwdriver or even a 50p piece? You've thought, 'There must be an actual tool for this and I wish I had one!' Well you can have one now, the Laser motorcycle timing plug wrench (part number 5509) has a 22mm blade of 3mm thickness, and fits many applications. High quality item made from aluminium. Recommended price: £11.99.

Now here is one that you will wonder how you did without: the motorcycle spring hook (part number 5511) lets you quickly and easily hook and remove these awkward side and centre stand springs, brake springs and lots more. It really does make a fiddly job very easy. Recommended price: £4.99.

Available now for these typical prices but check your local Laser stockist for the best prices and special offers.

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