September 4 2006.

The first issue of ROCKER - a new national bi-annual - will go on sale on October 5 2006. It will be a very glossy and beautifully designed magazine, celebrating the ROCKER lifestyle then and now.  
ROCKER will be a minimum 116 pages, perfect bound, and full-size A4. ROCKER will be distributed exclusively through the news trade by WH Smiths through their 750 shops nationwide. It will also be available at the major British bike shows.
Steven Myatt, who was the creative and entrepreneurial force behind Back Street Heroes, Streetfighters and Scootering magazines and many more beside, is launching ROCKER.
'British bikers have never forgotten their Fifties and Sixties heritage, and ROCKER culture is more popular than ever. ROCKER magazine will celebrate every aspect of the ROCKER scene, then and now, whether it's the bikes, the music, the movies, the clothing or just the wonderful camaraderie of the those great days.'
ROCKER will cover the glorious world of British ROCKER culture and revel in its unique excitement. You'll find it all within the pages of ROCKER - Bikes, Birds, Brylcreem and Be-Bop-A-Lula.  FIRST ISSUE ON-SALE OCTOBER 5, COVER-DATED WINTER 2006, PRICED AT ¬£6.99.

For more information contact Steven Myatt on