September 3 2012.

In the July/August issue of Motorcycle Trader, David Bradford explored the reasons why many consumer motorcycle publications are losing readers and struggling to survive. This month he went in search of the new, fast-growing forms of media that are gradually taking over.

"In the previous issue of Trader, we looked at the current challenges affecting the consumer motorcycle press. The feature was headlined 'Media in Crisis' - and that really wasn't overstating the situation. We considered the implications of the unpalatable reality that almost all of the mainstream monthly magazines have seen their circulations tumble, typically losing five to 10 per cent in sales in the last audited six-month period alone. But there is a brighter side to all this. The broader, longer-term prospects are not as gloomy as they may at first seem. Riders still want to read about bikes, after all; it's just that they want their reading material in different forms now. How can motorcycle press evolve to meet the demands of the modern, multi-media motorcyclist?"

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