September 5 2012.

With final responsibilities in the government's reshuffle still to be announced, the British Motorcyclists Federation has today expressed its concerns over the future of the Ministerial Review into motorcycle driving licence testing.

Set up in 2010 by the previous Roads Minister Mike Penning, himself a motorcyclist, the review should have been completed by Christmas 2010, and although some research has been signed off, the review is still to be completed.

Speaking today, Chris Hodder the BMF's Government Relations Executive said: "We are now two years into what was supposed to be a six month review. While we are pleased for Mike Penning in gaining a promotion to the Northern Ireland Office, he was the minister who ordered the review into the motorcycle test shambles and it's thanks to him that we have even got this far. Now he's gone we hate to think what priority this will get."

With recent staff changes in the DfT, the BMF also warn that it also means that there is now no one senior from the DfT, either civil servant or minister, who was involved at the outset of the review, a review set up to address a revised testing regime that had seen new tests introduced by the DSA and hundreds of test centres close.

In noting Mike Penning's promotion, the BMF also says the he was a breath of fresh air, someone who understood motorcycling and tried his best to get motorcycling matters heard at the highest level.