September 4 2006.

Increased demand for American-style custom cruiser motorcycles has provided a welcome boost for Britain's biggest sidecar manufacturer.  Watsonian Squire, who have been making sidecars in the Midlands since 1912, report a significant increase in demand from overseas for their classic sidecars.
In Japan Y's Gear, part of the Yamaha Motor Group, have added the classically styled sidecar Monza sidecar to their range of accessories.  With its distinctive conical nose and heavily valenced mudguard, the Monza is reminiscent of 1960's designs, while the glass fibre body shell, steel perimeter frame and leading link suspension offer light weight and contemporary levels of handling.  This makes the Monza an attractive partner for the current generation of retro styled V-twin custom bikes and Y's Gear chose it to compliment the Yamaha 650cc Drag Star.
Private customers from abroad are also opting for British sidecars.  Watsonian recently delivered a GP Jubilee and Kawasaki Meanstreak 1600cc outfit to Dublin, which was the client's third successive sidecar from them.
With barely a dozen major sidecar manufacturers in the World, Watsonian are in a strong position to capitalise on renewed interest in sidecars from motorcyclists looking for extra carrying capacity for the family or a unique riding experience.  Prices for the Monza start at £3,140 and £3,529 for the GP Jubilee.   Watsonian Squire offer a factory fitting service and tuition for novice riders.

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* Image shows Kawasaki Meanstreak + GP Jubilee outfit.