February 8 2012.

Swift is the fast-moving chain of choice in the competitively priced, quality chain market.

The Swift development team balances quality and price to produce a chain that incorporates specially heat treated steel and leading edge design to offer a tensile strength similar to, if not greater than, the leading brands, but at a comparatively realistic low price, making this quality of chain more accessible to a far wider market.

The Swift O-Ring range increases the life of a chain by retaining lubrication for longer than an unsealed chain, the O-ring seals helping to keep dirt, water and contamination from the bearings.

Retail prices range from just £4.97 for the smallest, shortest, unsealed chain, up to £62.16 for the heaviest, longest, O-ring fitment.

Swift Chains are available in standard steel colour only and are supplied with a split or rivet link. Spare links and rivets are also available.

The range includes all popular Japanese and European models, up to 600cc on modern sports bikes and 900cc on 1970s classics. Not only is Swift Chain listed in cut lengths to WMD's extensive listing of over 10,000 models, but it is also possible to supply all chains by pitch and length.

Price examples including VAT:
Suzuki LT 50. Swift Standard 420 x 64 links: £4.97
Yamaha YZF-125R. Swift Heavy Duty 428 x 132: £12.52
Kawasaki KLE 500. Swift Heavy Duty O-Ring 520 x 110: £38.27
Honda NT 400 Bros. Swift Heavy Duty O-Ring 525 x 112: £54.42

Swift chain is also available in a kit with Sunstar front and rear standard steel sprockets.

WMD trade terms apply.

For full range details contact:
Tel: 01273 595746