September 17 2012.

The European Union kicked off yesterday the "EU Mobility Week 2012: Moving in the Right Direction", organising activities to promote sustainable urban mobility - without a single mention of motorcycles or scooters. A new campaign "Do the right mix" encourages the shift from car to bus and bicycle - but where are the motorcycles?

The objective of the Mobility Week is to, "Introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite citizens to try out alternatives to car use. " The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA) would like to point out that such an alternative exists: the powered two-wheeler.

Motorcycle and scooters are used every day by millions of Europeans, contributing greatly to limit congestion, reduce pollutant emissions, limit the demand for parking space and generally making road transport more efficient.

Motorcyclists are again conspicuously absent from the European Mobility Week Award this year. The nominees insist on providing charging points and parking spots for the handful of electric cars on the road, completely dismissing the rising sales in electric scooters, which are more efficient and more affordable.

This year again FEMA is taking action by contributing to the SUSTAINABLE2WHEELS event, held on September 18th in Brussels, and part of the EU Mobility Week. Promoting cycling and electric two-wheelers and their potential to improve the environment in European cities, it includes an exhibition of innovative vehicles and a debate with Members of the European Parliament on two-wheel policies, including the design and construction of infrastructure for electric vehicles.

In doing so, FEMA wants to help steer the future of the Mobility Week toward real solutions involving all available options, including the scooters, motorcycles and electric cycles of today and tomorrow.


The EU Mobility Week: