September 17 2012.

Under the tagline "Beat the traffic, enjoy the city", Motorcycle Manufacturers take part to the European Mobility Week at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

ACEM, the European Motorcycle Industry Association, is participating for the first time to the European Mobility Week. By showcasing urban motorcycles and scooters ACEM manufacturers jointly wish to highlight how these mobility tools contribute to addressing the challenge of our congested cities.
Urban Mobility doesn't need to be a headache for European citizens. Scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles contribute to making urban transport more sustainable by offering great solutions for users who seek individual mobility alternatives in congested cities. They are small, light, agile and very well adapted to the challenges of urban traffic, reducing travel and parking times, with low costs and reduced environmental impact. Local authorities benefit from adding these vehicles to their mobility mix and including them in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, supporting improved urban quality of life.
Sustainable 2Wheels is taking place on September 18th both on the esplanade of the European Parliament and in the Luxembourg Station (adjacent to the esplanade) from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.
Jacques Compagne, ACEM Secretary General: "The European Mobility week is a great opportunity to 'think outside the four-wheeled box' when it comes to the way we move in our cities. Alternatives to car-based urban individual mobility exist, and all of these should be conveyed to the public- however, all too often the benefits of motorcycles and scooters go unnoticed, despite the fact that a growing proportion of citizens use them on a daily basis. By participating in Sustainable 2Wheels, Motorcycle Manufacturers want to show how motorcycles and scooters can help EU cities beating the traffic and making them more enjoyable, today and in the future."