September 18 2012.

R&G has introduced an all encompassing range of bolt-on protection products for Honda's 1200cc Crosstourer. The world leader in motorcycle crash protection products now offers many lines of defence in case of a tumble and from everyday damage.

Helping to guard the aluminium frame are R&G's award-winning Aero Crash Protectors, while the recently-introduced, ultra-strong Adventure Bars strategically wrap around the bike to guard the chassis, radiator and
top of the engine.

Praised by road riders and track racers across the world for allowing a bike still to be ridden after a crash, the R&G heavy-duty polypropylene Engine Case Covers bolt easily on top of the V4's existing cases without the need to drain engine fluids and providing a second layer of armour.

Providing the maximum protection elsewhere around the Crosstourer are R&G Bar End Sliders, Exhaust Protector and Fork Protectors. These simple-to-fit products help to prevent expensive parts of the bike making contact with the ground, should it topple or slide on tarmac.

Beyond prevention against damage from an accident, R&G offers its aluminium mesh Radiator Guard, vacuum-formed Rear Hugger and enclosing Shocktube to protect the Crosstourer's rear suspension and cooling parts from the everyday damage that can be caused by stones and other debris that can flick up.

All R&G products are easy to fit and require no specialist tools.

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R&G Honda Crosstourer 1200 range
Adventure Bars £249.99

Aero Crash Protector £79.99

Bar End Sliders £17.99 (compatible with original handguards)

Engine Case Covers (left side only) £76.99

Exhaust Protector £39.99

Fork Protector £30.99

Frame Plugs £25.49 (each side)

Radiator Guard £61.99

Rear Hugger £99.99

Shocktube £25.49