September 20 2012.

Michelin has launched the new Power Pure SC dual-compound radial scooter tyre, which is available in two sizes (120/70 R 15 and 160/60 R 15) to suit large capacity scooters such as BMW's C 600 Sport and C 650 GT, and the Yamaha T-Max 530.

Originally developed by Michelin 25 years ago, radial motorcycle tyre technology means that the Power Pure SC radial tyres are more stable at high speeds. Also, due to their superior resistance to centrifugal distortion, radial tyres offer consistent handling, even at high speeds in a straight line and through corners, and improved wear resistance.
Today's scooters are increasingly powerful, with engine displacements up to 850cc, and the latest models are as much at ease cruising down the motorway as pottering around city streets. With outputs of up to 70bhp, these big-bore scooters deliver a ride and performance similar to more conventional motorcycles.

What's more, they are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Southern Europe, where demand has helped drive an 87 per cent increase in the European big-bore scooter market between 2007 and 2012.

As engines become more powerful, cycle parts gain in sophistication and design, moving parts become heavier and rider expectations are higher. Big-bore scooter enthusiasts are demanding more from their tyres, which are the only part of their bike in contact with the road.

In bringing the world's first dual-compound radial sport scooter tyre to market Michelin has delivered a compelling, comprehensive response to these new expectations. In fact, this is the first time that the world's best two-wheel tyre technologies have been packed into a single scooter tyre.