September 26 2012.

WK has already announced it is developing a range of quality aftermarket parts for it's top-selling 650i naked sports machine, following it's successful launch this summer.

First up is a new sports exhaust from Scorpion, which may appear to have landed swiftly after the launch of the 650i, but the top UK exhaust manufacturer has been busy developing the new can with WK for over six months and it certainly fits and looks the part, as well as saving weight and providing a healthy power increase.

In fact the E-marked Scorpion can is 4.6KG lighter than the standard pipe and offers a 1.6 bhp increase in peak power while remaining fully road legal.

Main features:
- A distinctive six-facet profile
- Aerospace multi composite "Claw Contoured" outlet
- Five Axis machined 6082 Aluminium mounting bracket
- F1 developed "Red Power" exit port
- C.N.C. Machined inlet spigot
- Compression coined sleeve ends
- Tempered / fused sleeve seam
- GP style double spring mount
- Ceramic E-glass fill
- Removable baffle

RRP £300 + VAT

Available to trade direct from:
WK Bikes.
Tel: 01507 523 903.