September 27 2012.

Small and medium-sized firms are being invited by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to sign up to receive regular emails giving help and support.

The new service, aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), is chiefly for people who are new to business, either setting up or expanding.

Colin Ford, HMRC's Head of SME Education Design, said: "Starting and running a business is challenging and HMRC recognises that its customers sometimes need help to understand their tax affairs.

"Signing up is a simple process. We do not ask for any personal information beyond a name, e-mail address and phone number.

"At a time when businesses need all the help they can get, HMRC is keen to do everything possible to ensure SMEs have the information they need to make their tax affairs as smooth as possible."

Once a customer signs up, the business will receive about six emails signposting a range of help. The advice available includes videos, interactive tools, factsheets and online presentations or webinars.

The help is tailored to the level that the customer indicates they need and their likely cycle of tax obligations. The email service will not be able to provide answers to specific questions from the signed up companies.

To sign up for the email service, SMEs can go to