October 8 2012.

Leading trade supplier Bike It aims to maintain quality control at the highest standard possible and this means that on occasions some products are rejected. 

Currently on offer from the rejects list are MotoGP rain covers with the lettering not up to 100% perfect standard and these are available at 50% off the standard trade price. For more images CLICK HERE.

The codes for these items are XXX344 (Medium) XXX345 (Large) XXX346 (X-Large) 

There is also a range of garage mats that aren't up to standard - some of the colours have run, or the mats are slightly faded. These are still hard-wearing, quality, unique products and are also avalaible at a greatly reduced rate. Ideal to spruce up the office, shop, showroom or workshop. For more images CLICK HERE. 

For special offer price details call the Bike It sales office on 02380 658700.
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