October 11 2012.

Öhlins Racing UK has launched a 2013 contingency scheme with a difference to help support riders in the British Superbike paddock in the Supersport and Superstock classes.

Fresh from winning the World Superbike, Supersport and Superstock classes, Öhlins has also had a long-term presence in British Superbike, winning 14 out of 16 BSB titles and is now looking to help more riders in the support classes to BSB, namely the British Supersport, Supersport Cup, Superstock and Junior Superstock divisions.

This contingency system will work differently to normal schemes giving riders points as they improve from their qualifying to overall finishing position, rewarding those for having the optimum race set-up.

As ever riders and teams using Öhlins equipment will benefit from the expert advice of Öhlins specialists present in the BSB paddock, such as Harris Performance, Kais and FTR.

Riders who choose Öhlins products for the 2013 season and have registered their details with Öhlins Racing UK will be entered into a league and their results monitored. Points will be awarded to the three riders who have improved their race finish position the most, compared to their qualification position. The three riders in each series who have accumulated the most points at the end of the season will be entitled to an Ohlins product voucher to a retail value of £2500, £1000 and £500 giving a complete prize fund of £16,000.

Chris Witter, Business Development Manager, Öhlins Racing UK commented: "We really want to reach out and support riders throughout the British Superbike paddock with the best equipment, expert advice and now a scheme to pay back those riders who invest in Ohlins and prove themselves throughout the season. After much discussion we decided upon this system to reward riders who select the best set-up for full race distance, rather than just achieve a fast qualifying lap. We all understand that budgets have never been tighter across all motorsport and we believe this is a small way of helping riders who need it most."