October 24 2012.

Motorcyclists are more likely to ride a bike if their parents rode one according to research unveiled today by Swinton Bikes.

The bike insurance retailer surveyed 5,773 biking enthusiast about their biking habits and found that 58% had a family member who rode a bike as they grew up.

Growing up, children are heavily influenced by the choices that their parents make and it seems from the survey results this also includes the mode of transport that children chose to drive when they grow up.

Nearly two thirds credit their dad with influencing them to ride while one in twenty had a mum on two wheels. Just over a third claim their brother got them into riding a motorcycle, while one in twenty attribute their sister as being the influence.

Nearly two thirds had another family member who got them into riding.

Furthermore, the trend of encouraging children to ride motorcyclists continues down the generations as 62% said they would encourage their own offspring into motorcycling.

Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton bikes said, "The majority of motorcyclists are very passionate about biking and many parents pass this onto their children. From the results it's clear that this passion has the potential to be passed down through many generations of one family."
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