September 6 2006.

BSR Aerotek has taken on distributorship for SETRAB Oil Coolers and as a result developed a new range of superb quality alloy brackets to enable owners to fit the SETRAB range of oil coolers to a wide variety of motorcycles.
Correct cooling is essential for the engine oils to lubricate efficiently - if the engine works at excessively high temperatures the oil will shear and start to break down and that can lead to engine failure.  Swedish manufacturer, SETRAB, builds high quality coolers to exacting standards and their products are widely recognised as the highest-performance universal oil cooler available. They feature fully turbulated oil-ways for maximum cooling and is the ideal addition for all performance vehicles.
Three widths are produced; the full width model is 330mm, with a half width option at 210mm or extra wide at 405mm.  These are available in a choice of 9 row heights (7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 25, 34, 44 and 50 (with other sizes custom made to order).  The Setrab cooler has threaded M22 size oil exits and is supplied with 2 male-male adapters in a range of metric and UNF sizes depending on thread of oil fittings (compatible alloy fittings and hose can be supplied to order).  The 19-row/Full Width Setrab Oil Cooler (the most popular size for motorcycles) retails for the highly competitive price of £99.00 inc. VAT (or extra wide for £112.00).
The matching brackets mount the cooler by bolting all four mounting tabs together with bars to prevent any flex or distortion, which can cause premature failure. The bracket and tie bars are made of machined finish aluminium and all the bolts are stainless steel for durability. These brackets are a universal design that can be modified (if necessary) to suit a particular application. They are available to suit half width, full width and extra wide coolers and are supplied the correct length bolts to fit the number of rows and rubber mounts to minimise vibration.  
The standard unpolished silver finish sells for £54.95 inc VAT and custom colours, including red, blue, black, purple or gold are available for a 15% surcharge. Colours can be mixed and matched!

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