October 26 2012.

The new Oxford HotGrips have so many improvements over the previous models that it is almost impossible to encapsulate them in one short story.

Broadly, there are now two ranges of Hotgrips - Essential and Premium.

Essential HotGrips are designed for those on a budget wanting simple, reliable and good quality heated grips without all the trimmings for a sensible price. Two variants - Scooter and Commuter - cost £39.99 and £44.99 respectively. The features can be summarised as follows:

• Simple 2 level heat switch
• Simple robust grip design
• Simple wiring loom and fitment
• Simple & reliable technology
• Very competitive price

Premium HotGrips cater for those who want high performance grips for specific motorcycle types and the full fat cumulation of Oxford's 30+ years of electronics development in the ultimate heated grip. Three models are available at the outset - Touring, Sports and Adventure - costing £79.99.

The key new features can be summarised as follows, but it must be stressed that these products and the technology and manufacturing processes which create their features and reliability are entirely new:-

• Advanced ergonomic grip designs for specific motorcycle types
• Advanced 5 level heat controller, very compact due to miniaturised electronics
• Water-proof, heat-proof, frost-proof, vibration-proof, electrical pulse-proof
• Unique battery saving mode with LED indicator
• Advanced robotic manufacturing process for consistency and contamination elimination
• Unparalled reliability and longevity designed into every component

Oxford's contact details: 01993 862 300 / sales@oxprod.com