November 6 2012.

Sunglasses with tinted and mirror lenses create a funky look, but their ability to reduce glare and enhance colour, clarity and contrast, offers real benefits when riding. One pair of sunglasses with a range of interchangeable lenses can make a journey involving a bright sunny morning, a dark overcast afternoon and night-time riding a safer, more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Davida 74 WRS lenses are easily interchangeable and with the ability to fine tune light frequencies, the existing range of replacement tinted lenses in yellow, green, smoke, brown and orange available for the D4Vi9A 74 WRS sunglasses, have long been a popular option for riders.

The new range of mirror-coated and photochromatic replacement lenses for the 74 WRS sunglasses are designed to work in the brightest light conditions and work especially well in reducing glare from snow and water. Designed for astronauts by NASA, the most striking mirror coating in this new range is the Black / Red Revo mirror lens. The most adaptable are the Photochromatic lenses, which automatically react to variable light conditions; becoming darker in bright light and less tinted as light levels reduce.

The D4Vi9A WRS 74 Kit comes as standard with a clear lens fitted and an additional set of smoke lenses.

All the D4Vi9A tinted and mirror lenses provide 100% UV protection (UV 400) and also have Anti-Fog coatings. Photochromatic lenses provide 100% UV protection (UV 400).

740120 - Smoke - Silver mirror lens , 740121 - Smoke - Blue Mirror Lens. 740122 - Smoke - Black / Red Revo Mirror Lens. RRP £8.33 ex VAT. 740107 - Smoke - Grey Photochromatic Lens £16.66 ex VAT

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