November 12 2012.

The DfT corporate website will be replaced on 15 November. The new home will be www.gov.uk/dft  The www.dft.gov.uk web address will still work and  a holding page will advise users of the move to www.gov.uk/dft  

Inside Government is part of GOV.UK, the new home for government information and services. GOV.UK replaced Directgov and Businesslink in October 2012, the first step in becoming a single destination for government online.

Over the next six months, the websites of all government departments will be merged onto the Inside Government section of www.gov.uk with more organisations joining the platform in batches thereafter, including many other public bodies.

To ensure minimum disruption, links from the existing departmental website will be automatically redirected to the relevant information on the new site.

Inside Government is designed make it easier for everyone to understand how government works, what it does, and how it will affect them.

By moving this information to the single website, people will no longer need to know the complicated structure of government to find the information they need. Instead, they will find government policy, publications and announcements presented in the same place, grouped by topic as well as organisation. This will result in a consistent experience, minimising the frustration users experience as they interact with government.