November 22 2012.

Digitek Moto Technics has introduced the Moto-Charge, a compact, simple to fit USB socket for charging iPods, iPhones, Blackberrys, Smartphones, Cameras, Sat Navs, or any USB chargeable device, whilst the motorcycle is being ridden or parked.

The Moto-Charge comes pre-fitted and fused with direct-to-battery connectors and can be quickly and easily located anywhere on the motorcycle. In the interests of security and weather protection it is recommended that the Moto-Charge socket is located under the seat or in a storage area, where those expensive re-charging devices are hidden from view and the elements. The standard USB lead that comes with each device can be plugged into the USB connector just like on a PC or laptop and an auto power shut-off at 12.3V prevents a flat battery.

The Moto-Charge fits all machines from scooter to superbike and comes at an affordable RRP of just £23.99 including VAT.

For further information visit www.digitek-moto.com  

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