May 23 2013.

Italian battery maintenance specialist BC has introduced the new Bravo, a compact, eight-function unit that takes battery maintenance to a new level.

As well as checking, recovering, charging and maintaining lead acid batteries, the new Bravo is also capable of testing the battery and the battery charging system on any motorcycle or ATV and keeps batteries in tip-top condition when the machine is not in use through a fully automated eight-cycle charging and maintenance program.

An advanced microprocessor runs through:

Checking - overall condition of the battery.

Recovery - for deeply discharged batteries as low as 1.5V.

Soft charge - for undercharged batteries.

Bulk charge - to fully charged condition.

Desulphation cycle - to maintain optimum performance.

End cycle testing - to ensure the battery is holding charge.

Maintenance - keeps battery at top charge while bike not in use.

Equalisation cycle - automatically runs every 30 days to balance battery cells and avoid electrolyte stratification.

In addition to its thorough maintenance program, the BC Bravo can also test the charging system on the machine.

Failing to test the charging system on a motorcycle can become expensive. If the charging system is faulty and an apparently 'dead' battery is simply replaced with a new battery, the new battery may also fail.

Using the Bravo in testing mode is easy. Simply connect the Bravo to the battery without connecting it to the mains. A test procedure will start automatically with instructions for the mechanic displayed on the clear LCD screen showing the battery voltage in zero-load condition, the battery cranking voltage and the alternator/regulator voltage.

The BC Bravo can be ordered with either a standard three-pin UK plug or a two-pin European plug, and comes with both regular battery clamps and a waterproof eyelet connector, providing permanent charging access without the need to access the battery terminals every time.

RRP: £57.98 including VAT.

The BC Bravo and the rest of the BC range of chargers are in stock now at trade parts specialist WMD.

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