January 18 2013.

New International Dirt Bike Show owner plans to enhance visitor experience

The 2012 International Dirt Bike Show proved to be pivotal one in the 13-year long history of the popular event held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Having grown the Show to its current status as the largest dedicated off-road show in Europe, the founding partnership headed by former World Motocross star Dave Watson, agreed that it was time to step aside and effectively secure the future of the show by handing over to a new owner.

Lincolnshire-based Mortons Media Group swiftly stepped into the breach and its exhibition team, together with the company's chairman, managing director and senior management, were all in attendance throughout the tenure of the 2012 Show to reassure exhibitors and the industry of its 'business as usual' intentions.

So what happens next? "When the doors closed on last year's Show, we started planning," explained Brian Hill, managing director of Mortons Media Group. "What is important to convey to everyone with an interest in the Show, whether they be exhibitors, members of the off-road trade and industry, race teams, riders or valued visitors, is that we are not about to make changes for the sake of them. When we announced our new and exciting acquisition in November, I said we planned evolution over revolution and meant it.

"The modern, high-profile and professional aspects of the show will remain. The main halls will house the popular and all-important displays of new machines, clothing, parts and accessories, with display-only stands in separate areas to those of retail. In this first year, we intend to concentrate our efforts on building the whole visitor experience into one that simply cannot be missed. Entertainment areas such as the busy stage will return and we have plans to make this more interactive, with a structured timetable of events. Elsewhere we expect to be in a position to offer free-of-charge activities that will allow the whole family to really get involved in experiencing some form of hands-on off-road action and fun.

Mortons clearly knows a thing or two about organising bike shows as it already has an extensive portfolio of regional and specialist motorcycle shows, the biggest of which is the Carole Nash Motorcycle Mechanics Show at Stafford, which attracts over 32,000 visitors and some 800 exhibitors of various sizes. That wealth of experience will now be applied to taking the International Dirt Bike Show to a new level.

"It is early days in terms of planning, but the team members at Mortons are motivated and keen. We have secured a three-year tenancy with Stoneleigh Park, we are employing the services of many of the consultants already associated with the Show, and we are now interviewing for an off-road dedicated assistant to join the Mortons exhibition team," concluded Hill.

The 2013 International Dirt Bike Show will open on Thursday 31st October and run through to Sunday 3rd November 2013. For further information visit