February 1 2013.

British impact protection specialists at Knox have expanded the option to use their chest armour for 2013 by making the one piece chest guard fit many more products.

Racers, and now road riders too, are increasingly recognising the need for chest protection. Blows to the thorax feature in about a quarter of all trauma-related deaths and the vast majority of these are caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Manufactured in the UK using Knox honeycomb technology, the chest protector weighs less than 200 grams, yet is tested and certified to EN1621-2, which is the same standard used to test back protectors.

Slim and flexible, the chest protector is highly breathable due to its honeycomb construction, is covered with 8mm ventilation holes, and is wrapped in a soft mesh material so it is comfortable if worn next to the skin.

Designed to fit inside the award-winning Knox Venture shirt, as well as the short-sleeved Venture Top, and the Urbane mesh shirt and Track Vest too, the updated Knox Chest Guard is available in a universal adult size at the retail price of £29.99.

Contact Knox on 01900 825825 or visit www.knox-armour.co.uk for details.