February 13 2013.

Rock Oil has announced the introduction of two new motorcycle lubricants; Guardian Motorcycle 10W30 and Synthesis XRP Off Road 10W60.

Guardian Motorcycle 10W30 is a high-quality, semi-synthetic oil, which utilises the latest generation lubricant technology. It compliments the popular Guardian Motorcycle 10W40 blend to serve the premium sector for high quality products designed to meet leading manufacturers' recommendations for modern four-stroke engines.

Synthesis XRP Off Road 10W60 is a brand new, full synthetic 10W60 product, also available in 10W40 and 10W50 grades, which completes Rock Oil's premium four-stroke off road line up. The product has been tested and developed in the extremes of competition with the aim to provide the best high-performance full synthetic lubricant on the market.

Both new Rock Oil products products meet and exceed JASO MA2 and have been developed and produced in the UK.

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