February 8 2013.

Confident in its crash protection products, R&G kitted up a perfectly good example of a 2001 Honda Fireblade and asked motorcycle media title, SuperBike, to crash it on purpose.

This challenge for SuperBike's magazine and new TV show was a bold move by the Hampshire-based company to prove just how its award-winning protection products perform by asking one of its journalists to do something every rider tries to avoid - crashing.

The dramatic footage and photos of journalist and racer, Chris Northover, performing a lowside in a controlled environment were aired on The SuperBike Show (Loaded TV, Sky channel 200) in late 2012 and was followed by a feature in SuperBike magazine in its February 2013 issue (on sale January).

On inspection of the bike straight after the crash, the R&G Crash Protectors, Engine Case Covers, Bar End Sliders, Exhaust Protectors and Fork Protectors saved thousands of pounds' worth of damage to the Honda's frame and bodywork. In addition, the bolt-on protection had worked so well that the bike could still be ridden - all for combined cost of only a few hundred pounds.

Richard Taylor, R&G Managing Director, said at the stunt: "We've had 13 years of people crash testing our products and telling us how great they work, but capturing that on camera so that we can show other people exactly this has proved hard, unless we did it on purpose. So we invited SuperBike to do exactly that.

"Everyone at R&G had absolute faith in the product and this independent test by a respected title has proved why fitting R&G protectors can save riders a lot of money should they drop their bike. "

Used and trusted by the California Superbike School and Chris Walker Race School among many top racing teams and stunt riders, R&G is also the only crash protection company whose products qualify for insurance discounts.

To view the video, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iYTP_PUUYo&feature=youtu.be  

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