February 12 2013.

Öhlins has introduced the 2.1 SD version of its popular off-road steering damper with a revised design including a new mounting system so it can be transferred from one machine to another.

This high-quality piece of off-road kit gives optimum steering damping at all speeds and has been designed for the motocross and enduro market. The damper was used to good effect recently in the Dakar rally as Simon Pavey racked up his seventh finish in this super demanding event. The intrepid explorer explains: 'This year's Rally involved a lot of high speed sections. I was impressed with the stability the Ohlins steering damper gave me, especially when we were at a really high velocity. I also really loved the way I was able to adjust it on the fly when the conditions changed from the big sand dunes to the rocky sections. A brilliant bit of kit all round."

The steering damper helps riders avoid crashes during sudden direction changes, minimises fatigue and arm pump whilst offering complete confidence during technical sections.

Fitting kits for the SD 2.1 are available for all popular MX and Enduro models including Honda CRF R and X models, Kawasaki KX / KLX, KTM EXC / SX, Suzuki RMZ, Yamaha YZ/WR, Gas Gas, Husaberg and Husqvarna ranges.

The system is priced at £309.73 + VAT plus per £188.73 + VAT for the mounting kits until March 1st when they will be subject to a price increase. 

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