February 27 2013.

Mobile phones and other technologies have been using Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) _batteries for years with great success due to their lack of memory effect, lower weight, lack of heavy metals, and dangerous fluid. VE (UK) has announced the arrival of this battery technology to the market with a range of Li-Ion batteries suitable for most two wheeled applications.

Benefits of Li-Ion technology include:

Weight: on average a Li-Ion battery weighs around 1/3 of the weight of its lead acid equivalent.

No pollution: Li-Ion batteries do not contain any acid or heavy metals like lead, cadmium or mercury, meaning that the batteries are more eco-friendly.

No spills: with no acid inside there is no chance of leaking corrosive fluids.

Improved cranking power: Li-Ion batteries have on average four times the cranking power of a lead acid battery.

Fast charging: Li-Ion batteries can accept a charge rate of up to 28 amps _(depending on model), with a battery charged to 90% of its capacity in around 6 minutes.

The Li-Ion batteries also feature a built in charge indicator which displays the battery's current state with a single press of a button. Combine this with a longer usable lifespan of over 2000 full discharge cycles compared to a conventional battery, which has a life span of just 150-300 cycles.

The Li-Ion battery range is now available from VE (UK), visit for more information.