March 4 2013.

Road Safety GB reports that a crash cushion engineered specifically to protect motorcyclists from lethal roadside objects has been reviewed by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

'Biker-Mate' was independently tested last year and results showed an absorption rate of 60 - 69%. The motorcyclist protection system has been developed by the UK-based business Euro Road Safety.

Originally designed to be attached to passive safety systems such as lattix posts, Biker-Mate was soon developed further to fit other systems.

Biker-Mate is designed to structurally deform around the collider; absorbing a large percentage of impact energy and diverting the motorcyclist away from potentially lethal objects.

The results of the BSI-witnessed tests, which simulated a real-life crash using a lamp column and a dummy, showed a clear correlation between use of the system and increased motorcyclist safety. The results "represented a potential difference between life and death to bikers travelling at high speed".

In its subsequent report, BSI stated: "[The results of the tests] verified that Biker-Mate can absorb a large amount of energy, thereby potentially reducing injuries to the motorcyclist on impact. Biker-Mate was also successful in the deflection of the dummy as witnessed during the test."

Peter Hudson, Euro Road Safety business development executive, said: "As this is a totally new innovation there is currently no UK or EU standard by which to test the product, however, BSI was impressed. They independently tested Biker-Mate and confirmed not only our results but also an even greater rate of absorbency and deflection than during previous tests.

"The results of this new report means that the bikers now have a product to rely on that could protect them from major injuries or even death in the event of collision with roadside objects."

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