March 5 2013.

The 8th Taiwan International Motorcycle Show takes place next month at the Taipei World Trade Centre and the show preview is now available to view online.

The Taiwan motorcycle industry is over 50 years old and the Automotive Research & Testing Center cliams that the industry is 95% self sufficient in terms of suppliers of every type, size and technology.

Since 2001, export sales have gradually increased, broadening business opportunities for Taiwan's motorcycle parts sector and allowing for international brand recognition. In 2010, some 47.2-percent of Taiwan-made motorcycles were exported, mainly to Southeast Asia and Europe, the ARTC says. The former imported approximately 45 percent of Taiwan motorcycle exports while the latter imported around 44 percent.

With new rules that require better engines with more energy efficient components that are both light and robust, motorcycle manufacturers have turned to R&D in order to bring their designs and their brands, to the next level.

In addition to local companies looking for distributors, the annual Motorcycle Taiwan trade show is attended by major foreign brands from Europe, the U.S. and Japan, , such as Ducati and Harley-Davidson, looking for parts contracts. The global economic crisis has created a big moment for Taiwan, which has developed new technologies to produce high-quality parts at an attractive price.

Today, a wide range of customized parts and components are considered strongholds of Taiwan's motorcycle parts sector. For instance, Taiwan Japon Traffic Tech Co., Ltd. manufactures high tech piston rings made of nickel-chrome tantalum alloy steel wire or nickel-chrome tantalum nodular graphite cast iron. The company not only offers an original technology that enhances performances in motorcycle engines, but also relies on suppliers and institutions of higher education in Taiwan to develop new products and processes.

If you want to benefit from the growing Taiwan's motorcycle parts industry, you can join the upcoming Taiwan International Motorcycle Show in April. The four-day event, running at TWTC Hall 1 from April 10 to 13, is dedicated to the best motorcycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), along with engines, parts, frames, accessories and equipment for noise and emission inspection, maintenance and component as well as accessory manufacturing.

To view the Show preview CLICK HERE.