March 6 2013

SHAD, the Spanish hard luggage specialist has moved to Oxford Products and the majority of the UK range is already available from stock according to Oxford's Henry Rivers Fletcher.

"We have selected the top 150 applications to hold in stock and less popular models will be offered as a special order from the SHAD facility in Spain," explains Henry.

"The UK selection includes top and side cases, with associated accessories such as back rests and indicators kits, bike-specific racks, comfort seats and a unique product called a "Sports Rack" which fits in place of the pillion seat on a sports bike to provide a bespoke carrying solution. More on that at a later date.

"This latter product is a good example of why SHAD is so well placed to provide the best solutions. SHAD manufacture the seats and hard luggage for most motorcycle manufacturers, so all the bespoke fittings are to hand and the company know what works best.

"SHAD has always been sensibly priced, but we have performed a full market analysis, both to establish what the best sellers are for stocking purposes and to sharpen the prices accordingly.

"So in summary. We know the products are right, the pricing is very competitive and now the stock is available next day from Oxford!"

To contact Oxford call 01993 862 300 or visit