March 8 2013.

Two-stroke scooters are still in high demand, but until last year their fate hung in the balance. Thanks to new advancements in technology, the new Euro 3 emission regulations have relaxed the rules on 2-stroke engines paving the way for Kymco to add a new two-stroke 50cc version of its popular Agility RS scooter to its 2013 line-up.

Compared to old 'smoky' two-strokes, Kymco's new RS50 features an advanced exhaust recirculation system, making it much greener and cleaner to comply with the Euro 3 requirements.

"There is still a huge demand for 2-stroke machines in the UK because of the improved acceleration and performance they inherently provide over 4-stroke models, but unfortunately there aren't many new models around anymore because of the emission regulations," said Ian Kidson, managing director of MASCO.

With a price tag of just £1399, the new RS50 provides a value for money alternative for young riders wanting to combine the benefits of a 2-stroke engine with a stylish and economical mode of commuter transport. 

The new RS50 2-stroke scooter will arrive in the UK in April 2013 and comes with a 2-year unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty.

For further information visit www.kymco.co.uk