March 20 2013.

Director General of the BCC, John Longworth, comments on the 2013 Budget.

"While there is much for business to welcome in the Chancellor's statement, such as reviewing the MPC's remit, scrapping the rise on fuel duty, and putting £3.5bn into helping buyers afford new homes, he and his Cabinet colleagues should have gone further to support enterprise and growth, such as scrapping damaging increases in business rates. We are at an unprecedented moment in economic history, and the government should be doing everything in its power to get the economy moving. Many of the Chancellor's measures were targeted at larger corporates, and those that will benefit smaller companies will not take effect until 2015, which is too late. We need urgency, scale and delivery today.

"If Britain is in a global race, as the Chancellor said in his speech, our political elite needs to act accordingly, and pull out all the stops to support enterprise, jobs, wealth creation and exports. Business will appreciate many of the Chancellor's measures, and his personal commitment to fiscal discipline and support for enterprise, but will wish he had been more radical in the pursuit of growth."