April 5 2013.

Lynx Hooks from internet parts specialist WMD offer a new, fully adjustable, versatile, flexible and safer luggage securing solution than traditional bungee cords or tie-downs. The unique, patented Lynx Hooks interlocking system provides an unmatched securing system for all sizes of motorcycle and scooter.

Lynx Hooks can simply be locked together to make a double length single tie-down, or joined to form a spider or net with three, four, five or even more legs to secure all sizes and shapes of luggage to any machine. Once locked together, Lynx Hooks are securely fixed until the user pinches the hook mechanism together to release.

Lynx Hooks can be made to fit any load. Each strap is adjustable from 19" to 45". The Lynx Hook can be hooked, then adjusted for the exact tension required - so no more bungee-catapult or backfire when trying to stretch-and-hook an elastic bungee to an anchor point.

Custom made 'ROK' sport stretch straps and premium quality fittings make Lynx Hooks stronger and longer lasting than many alternative tie-down solutions and are suitable for use in all types of weather.

A variety of colourful designs are stocked at WMD at just £19.99 per pair.

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