April 3 2013.

Fed up with winter's cold, rainy weather? For many bikers an escape southwards to sunnier climes in continental Europe is very tempting. Before you or your customers go though, it's well worth brushing up on the latest motoring laws in each of the EU states that could be visited.

For instance, did you know that it's a legal requirement in most EU countries to carry your driving licence, as well as your MOT, insurance and (original) V5 registration document? Failure to produce this paperwork may lead to your bike being seized, all kinds of baffling debate, much wasted time, expense and a ruined trip - so no excuses, just remember your documents.

You also need to have a GB sticker on your bike if it doesn't have Euro-plates, and it might be worth sticking a 'ride on the right-hand side' reminder somewhere on the dash.

What else might you need? Turn to page 26 of the April issue of Motorcycle Trader to find out more and, whilst there, check out a few touring products like this handy warning triangle and reflective vest kit from Bike It, that retails for just £9.99.