April 5 2013.

In his column in the April issue of Motorcycle Trader, China correspondent Sean Kerr explains why China is striving to learn from its technically savvier Taiwanese neighbour.

Taiwanese motorcycle companies are not like Chinese motorcycle companies. It would be more accurate to liken the former to the Japanese 'big four', whereas China specialises in providing affordable commuter models to developing countries. Taiwan is the bane of the Japanese, cutting their market shares in more discerning markets of Europe and North America.

Taiwan's motorcycle industry accounts for about NT$80 billion (£1.78 billion) worth of production value annually, and its manufacturers have focused on production of motorcycles with displacements of 250-500cc. These machines are better suited for European and North American markets. This is in stark contrast to the Chinese industry, which produces mostly 50-200cc models and, despite recent projects to produce 600cc and 650cc engines, is firmly still reliant on the smaller engine market.

Taiwan's three largest motorcycle manufacturers in sliding order by unit sales are Kwang Yang (Kymco); Yamaha Motor Taiwan, a subsidiary of Japan's Yamaha Motor; and Sanyang (Sym). Other Taiwanese motorcycle makers include Motive Power Industry, previously a partner of Italy's Piaggio, Aeon and Tailing Motor, a subsidiary of Japan's Suzuki Motor ...

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Pictured; Kymco is one of Taiwan's largest manufacturers.