April 9 2013.

The government is inviting businesses and working families to submit their views to a consultation on how the system for shared parental leave and pay will work.

The consultation will look at how the new system will work and fit together with current arrangements for maternity and paternity leave and adopters. It will influence how the government legislates under the Children and Families Bill 2013.

The government is consulting on the details of;

  • whether it would be beneficial to align the notice periods to inform employers of the intention to take paternity leave and pay
  • eligibility criteria for shared parental leave
  • notice to bring to an end maternity leave and maternity pay, or allowance, if accompanied by a notification of intention to access the shared parental system 
  • whether parents should have one year from the start of maternity leave or one year from the child's birth date to use the shared parental leave and pay 
  • how employment protections on the right to return to the same job should work for shared parental leave 
  • how notification to employers will work with the new 'fostering for adoption' arrangements
In addition Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is also launching a consultation on a draft code of practice for the right to request flexible working.

The survey is at and runs until 17 May 2013.