April 17 2013.

New from Shift-It, this nifty Travel Pack is designed to contain everything a rider or pillion will need to maintain safe and clear vision, whether the journey entails crossing a town or an entire continent. It contains tried and tested products from the Shift-It helmet range which have become part of many riders' essential helmet care.

Packed in a malleable polyester and PVC sturdy zipped pouch, it's designed to fit in the smallest space, yet contain enough cleaning and rejuvenating power to keep any helmet in showroom condition throughout any journey.

The Travel Pack contains:
  • 1 x Helmet and Visor Cleaner which is 'Ride Recommended'. It cleans the toughest grime or dried-on insects without leaving any streaks or smears. Contains no abrasive or other ingredients which could scratch any helmet or visor. It is used by helmet technicians in BSB and WSB, etc.
  • 1 x Anti-Fog, designed to leave a very fine film on the inside of the visor to act not only as a form of double glazing, but also to help bead condensation and aid its dispersal.
  • 1 x Helmet Re-fresh. Designed and created with the help of the Ron Haslam Race School. Re-Fresh is formulated to eliminate odours, virus and bacteria caused by perspiration, whether on the track road or on the road
  • 2 x Lint-free Polishing Cloths, which can be washed when grubby, and re-used time and time again. Suitable for use with the full range of Shift-It products
  • 4 x two-pack Visor Wipes. The ultimate convenience yet with enough cleaning power to shift even the most stubborn insects and road grime.
  • 1 x Bug Buster Visor Sponge. With its airy open cell structure, when moistened the Bug Buster slides easily over helmets and visors removing dried-on grime. The addition of Helmet & Visor Cleaner ensures that oils and grease are also removed to leave the perfect streak-free clear finish.
The Travel Pack carries a recommended retail price of just £17.99 including VAT.

For further information contact TRANAM. T: 01425 620580. E: