April 16 2013.

Lightweight Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular with sport and race machine owners, but they can be terminally damaged if they are connected to a conventional battery charger. The BC Lithium 1500, now in stock at WMD/Wemoto, is a sophisticated intelligent charger for all varieties of lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (12V LiFePO4) batteries.

Using a conventional 12V charger designed for lead acid batteries will quickly destroy a fragile LiFePO4 lithium battery, but the BC Lithium 1500 takes all the effort and problems out of maintaining a Lithium battery correctly. An advanced microprocessor automatically delivers a 7-stage charging and maintenance program and keeps the cells balanced with no input required from the user. With the included water-resistant eyelet cable, which can be fixed to the terminals for a permanent charging point, charging the battery couldn't be easier: it doesn't even need to be disconnected from the machine.

The highly efficient BC Lithium 1500 smart charger rapidly brings even deeply discharged batteries to the optimum state of charge and can safely keep the battery on a maintenance cycle for months on end, with no danger of overcharging or overheating. The BC Lithium 1500 won't interfere with on-board electronics and, like all BC chargers, is protected from sparks, inverse polarity, short circuit, overcharging and overheating, and is tested to conform to EU regulations on safety and compatibility.

One of the difficulties British motorcyclists in particular may face with Lithium batteries is their sensitivity to temperature; they rarely perform well below zero degrees Celsius. When the BC Lithium 1500 detects that ambient environment may affect charging, it will automatically switch to 'Polar' mode to ensure safe and thorough charge even in low temperatures.

A set of battery clamps, and a waterproof eyelet connector allow a permanent, easy-access charging point, without needing to remove the battery. Both are included as standard with the BC Lithium 1500.

LEDs on the top of the charger allow the user to see which charging cycle is in progress, any errors that may have occurred, and whether Polar charging mode is in use.

The BC Lithium 1500 is a 'Connect and Forget' charger that simply gets on with it without requiring user input, but does still come with a user-friendly handbook to explain the function of the seven charging cycles and includes a three year warranty. The BC Lithium 1500 cannot be used to charge other types of conventional batteries.

The BC Lithium 1500 retails at a highly competitive £70.00 including VAT and retains excellent dealer margins.

The BC Lithium 1500 is now in stock from WMD and next day delivery is standard.

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