April 25 2013.

VE (UK) has introduced the Malossi HTQ z secondary gear kit for the Vespa GTS 300.

With many owners of the Vespa GTS 300 finding that they are hitting the inbuilt rev limiter, Malossi has developed an upgraded gear kit to increase the gear ratio allowing the scooter to achieve better performance than standard.

The gear set utilises Malossi's H.T.Q. process featuring straight cut teeth to minimize losses through friction; this in turn helps to reduce the stresses placed on the gear supports within the gearbox. 

To order or view the complete range of Malossi performance parts available for the Vespa GTS 300 from VE (UK) visit: (registration required).

Contact VE (UK) by: Telephone on 0115 926 2991, Fax on 0115 946 9292, or by email at: