April 26 2013.

Trade parts specialist WMD is quickly becoming the one-stop shop for Puch moped parts. From full replacement barrel and piston assemblies to tuning parts and small replacement parts like cables and bearings, WMD has sourced top quality, sensibly priced parts for the ever-popular 60s and 70s Puch models, including the MS, MV and VS range of mopeds.

WMD supplies parts for Puch in the same way it has been supplying parts for classic and modern Japanese bikes for years; listed online to the machine they fit. This simple method requires minimal work from the buyer to find the parts they require without the need to hunt down and memorise part numbers. Simply enter the Puch model into the bike search on the WMD website and all the parts that fit that model are listed. It couldn't be simpler.

Retail Price Examples including VAT:

Puch Maxi - Front Brake Cable: £10.00

Puch Maxi - Complete Exhaust: £35.00

Puch VS - Big Bore Kit: £90.00

Moped Size (100mm) Handlebar Grips in White, Grey or Black: £9.50 per pair.

Now available to order at top dealer terms from WMD.
Tel: 01273 595746